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My name is Dr. Luana Marques, and it is my pleasure to welcome you to CBT Gateway. CBT Gateway is your personal portal to empirically-supported, state-of-the-art, cognitive and behavioral treatment (CBT).

My personal philosophy is to teach you the skills necessary to overcome your emotional difficulties in the shortest appropriate time frame.

The main goal of my practice is to empower individuals to overcome their emotional difficulties by relying on CBT strategies.  Therapy will begin with a comprehensive assessment, which will allow us to collaboratively generate a treatment plan catered to your unique needs. Treatment length will vary depending upon the services required. However, CBT is a short-term treatment approach.

Luana Marques, Ph.D.
60 State Street, Suite 700
Boston, MA 02109
Phone: 617-854-7425
Fax: 617-371-2950
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